The web service stack architected for the web age.

Hexarc is the only software you need to deploy robust, scalable, and responsive web apps.


Integrated three-tier architecture

Hexarc includes a web server (Hyperion), scripting language (HexeLISP), and database (AeonDB). All three are optimized for each other, increasing performance and reducing complexity.

High-performance web server

The Hyperion web server uses non-blocking I/O both for network traffic and database access, ensuring high-capacity and high-throughput.

Powerful server-side scripting

HexeLISP can be used for all server-side scripting. Implement REST endpoints, generate pages, or define computed columns´┐Żall with a single language and datatype set.

Robust, fault-tolerant database

AeonDB creates a database mirror and fails over automatically in case of hard disk failure. AeonDB also uses immutable database files (LSM trees) to minimize the risk of corruption due to hardware failure.

Message passing architecture

Hexarc uses a multiprocess, multimachine message passing architecture that encourages robustness (process isolation), performance (no blocked threads, C++ engines), and scalability (multimachine services).

First-class expansion modules

Create your own Hexarc modules in C++ to expand capabilities. Your new modules will integrate seamlessly and appear as part of the system.

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